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This name uses : the first or paternal is Spear and the second or maternal family name is Mootz.

Mónica Spear Mootz (1 October 1984 – 6 January 2014) was a actress, model and beauty pageant titleholder who won. She also represented at in, where she finished as 4th runner-up.



Miss Venezuela 2004[]

During the pageant, Spear won the national crown and represented Venezuela at in.

Miss Universe 2005[]

Spear made the top 15 after () failed to make the top 15 in, which was the first time in 22 years that Venezuela failed to place. Spear went on to place in the Top 5 after the evening gown and swimsuit competitions. During the final question round, she stumbled while answering the question given by Miss Mexico,, and eventually finished as 4th runner-up.

Personal life[]

Mónica Spear Mootz was born to Rafael Spear Tudares and Ingeborg Mootz Gotera. Her maternal family emigrated from, and her paternal family has ancestry.

The Spear–Mootz family moved to in 2000 after her mother, Ingeborg, retired from her job with an oil company in Venezuela. Her father, Rafael, is a project engineer at Siemens Westinghouse. Prior to being named the "fifth most beautiful woman in the universe," Spear completed a bachelor's degree in from the before returning to to compete in the national pageant. Her participation in garnered notoriety when she was asked during the traditional "breakfast with press" the day after the pageant, because of her degree, which Venezuelan she liked the most, to which she answered, "", a Colombian writer. She crowned her Miss Venezuela successor,, on 15 September 2005.

Spear married a British businessman, Thomas Henry Berry (whose nationality was later misidentified as Irish) in June 2008. She gave birth to a daughter later that year. The couple divorced in 2012, but remained friendly, and at the time of their death they were attempting to reconcile. She was a naturalized United States citizen, resident in. She is a cousin of, a Venezuelan model. Spear was fluent in Spanish, English and French.

Professional life[]

After modeling, Mother Agency Mariela Centeno, Spear became one of the most successful actresses in Venezuela for her main roles in telenovelas. Her first role as a protagonist was in the telenovela Mi Prima Ciela (My Cousin Ciela), in which she played a high-school student battling. The show was a success in Venezuela and other parts of South America, and it was televised in the US by. Spear held the starring role in 's telenovela La Mujer Perfecta in 2010, and recently had a lead role in Flor Salvaje; a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the Miami-based television network and RTI Producciones. She had lived in Miami since she began working for Telemundo.

Venezuelan channel broadcast in honor of Spear and a foundation aid for people with. Same television special will Mónica Spear, led by the former Miss Venezuela, cheerleader and.

On 6 January 2014, Spear was in her native on vacation with her ex-husband and their five-year-old daughter. On a highway in central, when the three were inside their car waiting for assistance after the vehicle had broken down, Spear and her ex-husband were killed during an attempted robbery and their daughter shot and wounded in the leg. The police reported that the incident occurred around 9 or 10 p.m. It has been theorized that the thieves tried to rob them and the couple resisted.

On the initial suggestion that her former husband was Irish, the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs was investigating the incident. However, local police said he was travelling on a British passport. The international media also highlighted the rising rate of.

Investigation and aftermath[]

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On 8 January 2014, seven people were arrested by the (CICPC) for their alleged involvement in the murder. At the time of the arrest, the Venezuelan authorities also confiscated several items believed to have been owned by Spear and Berry.

Spear's daughter has been in the care of her grandparents since her parents' death., the President of Venezuela, provided a private jet to fly Spear's parents from Florida to Venezuela so they could be with their granddaughter. Maduro claims that soap operas were responsible for the couple's murder.

After two years, all of the people that were involved in their murder have received sentences. Three men were each sentenced to more than 30 years in prison. Eva Armas Mejias received a 10-year sentence because she was found to be the accomplice. Four other people involved received sentences between 24 and 26 years for the murder of Monica Spear and her ex-husband.


Awards and nominations[]

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