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Pedicure – types of pedicure

By  | August 20, 2014

Healthy, beautiful and well-groomed feet – is one of the most important component and indicator of the overall health of a person. This applies not only to women, who often perform a pedicure at the salon, but also men, who might only perform a simple pedicure at home.

Pedicure types

If speaking about men, then they know about pedicure much less than women do, since they do not need “to spruce” for every night out, or to emphasize the “highlights” of the look, trying to demonstrate to others the new outfit. Male pedicure will look perfect, even if the man has to perform simple treatments on their own. Let’s “refresh” our knowledge and talk about pedicure, the types of pedicure for women and men, as well as the methods of execution.


Pedicure overview

Pedicure is a special procedure for toes and the skin of the feet care. Today, many women are accustomed to perceive it as a colorful, brilliant “creation” made ​​of a whole palette of different nail polishes and other means of painting.

The basis of pedicure execution consists of the easiest methods to influence the areas to be treated and, in fact, this is a kind of manicure analogue, but all procedures are carried out exclusively on the feet.

If we talk about salon pedicure, then this notion can be described wider: as a rule, modern beauty salons offer a huge number of related services. This may be a classic tray for steaming the foot skin, a bath with the addition of nutrients, SPA, use of oriental techniques of execution (massage with essential oils), and more. Of course, today, the breadth of variety of salon services are nothing new, that is why everyday, many specialists are in a continuous search of new ideas in order to attract new customers with their uniqueness.

Salon pedicure

Of course, it is not enough to just do an express pedicure by throwing the feet on the nail-bar table that is why in big cities can often be seen many small locations providing nail services, these are manicure-pedicure cabinets. The quality of provided services in these locations is no different from the services provided in nail bars, so if necessary, you can always visit such place and make yourself an express pedicure.

It should be noted that frequent visitors of such places were representatives of the “stronger sex”, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Pedicure for men is no less important than for women, the only thing is that young people rarely perform pedicure at home on their own by virtue of not having the necessary tools and skills.

While many of the girls used to visit salons for the purpose of artistic nails painting, men pedicure greatly simplifies the task for all professionals.

As a rule, men’s pedicure means only the execution of basic care procedures such as: cuticle correction, removal of the stratum corneum from the feet skin and periungual rollers, nails cutting and leveling.

Pedicure varieties

Continuing the discussion about pedicure, it is appropriate to talk also about the most popular and common types of it, both for women and men. Regardless of whether there is a male or female pedicure, the principles of its execution sequences are identical.

This may be classic, European or apparatus care. Classic is also called the dry pedicure cut – it is the main technique that stood at the origin of foot care. Thanks to the classic care, all current types of pedicure are currently improved.

Nevertheless, many decades later, the classic male and female pedicure has not lost its relevance still today – all thanks to the fact that today, it is easier to make such a pedicure at home, because it does not require any “secret” knowledge and the availability of a vast variety of professional tools. In order to make a classic pedicure at home, you need to just trim your nails with ordinary scissors, level their flat ends and correct the growth of the cuticle.

Due to regular wear of fashionable, but not very comfortable shoes (dress shoes and high heel shoes), many men and women experienced a lot of “side” effects: excessive feet sweating, leading to the of coarsening of the skin, the appearance of clavus and corns, as well as the formation of cracks on the whole surface of keratinous areas.

In such cases, it is almost impossible to perform a pedicure at home, and even more so, if we are talking about dry pedicure. So there is one of today’s most popular procedures – European uncut pedicure. It is a rather standard procedure, but to accomplish it, various cosmetic emollients, nourishing creams and acid removers are needed.

With the help of these products, the roughened skin areas are quickly softened, so they can be easily removed without the use of standard manicure and pedicure tools – just use the buff, nail files, orange sticks and so on.

Apparatus pedicure

If we talk about self-direction of modern pedicure varieties, we can not mention the apparatus pedicure. Today, this procedure is gaining more and more popularity, and you can even perform an apparatus pedicure at home – this would require a special milling machine. In salons, the implementation of this type of care takes place predominantly for male pedicure.

The fact is that for a man is important to do regular maintenance properly and at the same time to spend a minimum time, so today, men pedicure performed using the milling-machine, is one of the most popular salon services. While girls react meticulously to specialist’s work and that is why, very often, they are not satisfied by the standard apparatus care and also prefer to use a variety of emollients and removers.

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Pedicure – types of pedicure
Pedicure – types of pedicure images

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2019 year - Pedicure – types of pedicure pictures

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Pedicure – types of pedicure foto
Pedicure – types of pedicure images

Pedicure – types of pedicure Pedicure – types of pedicure new pictures
Pedicure – types of pedicure new picture

pictures Pedicure – types of pedicure
photo Pedicure – types of pedicure

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Watch Pedicure – types of pedicure video

Discussion on this topic: Pedicure – types of pedicure, pedicure-types-of-pedicure/
Discussion on this topic: Pedicure – types of pedicure, pedicure-types-of-pedicure/ , pedicure-types-of-pedicure/

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