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Modern interior design favors minimalism and clarity. The elements of modern interior design are relatively restricted and have clearly outlined space. Modern design uses clean lines and clear geometric shapes including rigid squares and rectangles. This is visible in the open floor plan as well as the functional furniture used. Modern designs are also defined by their bright, open and spacious layouts. Large windows and open floor plans along with neutral tones, earthy colors, and leggy furniture is an important feature of modern designs.

Similar to the contemporary style, modern design also propagates minimalism and the “less is more” approach to designing. This means there are no surplus details like columns, moldings, cabinet trim, excessive use of color, excessive use of texture, or ornate decorations. It also promotes lack of clutter by avoiding extra accessories like vases, pottery, collections or excessive use of throw rugs or pillows. Necessary items are also either kept out of sight inside a cabinet or closet or are stored in built-in shelves or hidden storage beneath the bed or window seats. The materials used in the modern design are also natural or environment-friendly. Although metals like steel, etc. are also used a lot for the sleek and polished look. This style too is equally appropriate for lofts, commercial areas or modern homes.

Home Interior: Brilliant Mix of Classic and Modern Home Office Design

July 28, 2019
Modern home Office design has seen a lot of changes in design trends over the past years. An office is a Place of Work, hence relaxing there was considered out of the question. Dull...

Home Project: Unique and Modern Farmhouse Interior Design in Utah

July 24, 2019
There is something very homely and inviting about farmhouses. They make you feel instantly comfortable and right at home. Featured here, is a unique and modern farmhouse project in Utah which successfully captures the...

Modern Glass and Metal Tea House in Silicon Valley, California

July 17, 2019
A typical Tea House refers to large, comfortable and well-built lodges within the forest or on a steep hill. They provide food and lodging to travelers and offer them a place to enjoy the...

Home Interior: Modern & Minimalist Decor Style In West Lake Hills, Texas

July 10, 2019
It is always a challenge to decorate a big house with lots of open space. Wide, open spaces can tempt you to go for larger furnishings. The key is to balance the furniture so...

High Ceilings Victorian Modern House in North London

July 6, 2019

Open Space Living Room With Mixture Of Modern & Scandinavian Design

February 27, 2019
Who doesn’t dream of a fantastic Open Space Living Room? A Room which has the perfect rustic charm and a fusion of Scandinavian Design makes it all the perfect match for anyone who visits...

Home Project: Modern European Style Furniture in California

January 27, 2019
You have just moved into your new home. It looks good with open spaces and is airy, but without the right furniture and interiors, it is half complete. Your quaint and charming home needs...

Home Project: Warm Modern Condo With Tones of Black and White

January 24, 2019
A home is a place where you want to feel comfortable, where you love to come and relax after a long hectic day. Have you thought this year to make your home a lovely...

James Powditch’s and Diane Adair’s Modern Home with Touch of Nostalgia

January 4, 2019
Decorating a modern home is a form of art, and if you do it right it can turn out to be quite a masterpiece, but if you do it badly it can resemble a...

Inspirational Stunning Modern French Apartment in Lyon

November 13, 2019
Over the last ten years, there was a significant rise in the recognition of modern apartment living. A modern apartment design thus requires a modern exterior, great plan, well-known interior designers, etc. Decorating your...

Modern Single Family Residence By John Grable Architects

September 14, 2019
When considering Single Family Residence, we can not reject any opportunity for invention in home design since if we talk about this, there are limitless options. Some factors which can affect the look of...

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